All classes are offered one-on-one for $95 or in groups of three to five for $75 per person. The series of six classes is available at a discounted rate of $500 for individuals or $450 per person for groups. All prices include materials. Students are encouraged to bring their own tools, but I will have some to share.

1 – Intro to Wire-work

In this class we will discuss the basic tools and techniques used in most wire-wrap jewelry including: types of pliers, files, and cutters, wire shapes and harnesses, twisting wires together, binding  wires together, the parts of a pendent, basic embellishments (coils, spirals  and rosettes).

Students will create 2 pendants: One sphere pendent using an open bracket technique, and one setting a tumbled stone or natural crystal with twisted wires.

2 – The Classic Pendent

Now familiar with the basic techniques, we will combine them to create two pendants: one using the ‘classic’ wire-bracket setting with a cabochon, and one using a braided or woven bezel on a cabochon or irregularly shaped stone. We will also discuss variations on the bracketed setting and additional embellishments.

3 – Faceted Stone Settings

Building on the techniques in the first two classed we will create two settings for faceted stones. One ‘high-set’ prong settings for larger stones, and one ‘prong and loop’ setting for small light-weight stones.

4 – Intro Rings

We will create rings with two different band styles, the twisted band (which captures a bead) and the wrapped band (in which we will set a cabochon.

5 – Bracelets

In this class students have the choice between one of two bracelet styles, the cuff or the latching bangle.

6 – Chain and Findings

‘Finding’ are all the little components besides the centerpiece that come together to make a piece of jewelry: clasps, ear-wires, end-caps, etc. In this class we will make three types of clasps (hooks, toggles and buttons) two style of ear-wires (‘French wires’ and ‘kidney wires’), post earrings, and three styles of chain (the secure-S, beaded chain, and Viking weave).

The photos above illustrate the techniques taught in each class, but do not reflect stones used in classes.